About us

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Who are we?

Trandalus is neither a translation agency nor a freelance translator/interpreter, but a network of translation professionals with the aim of with the aim of bringing together cultures with the help of a high-qualified, skilled and customer-oriented service. Given our idiosyncrasies and internal structure we are able to meet higher expectations by saving on the costs that result from dealing with intermediaries.

As translators and communicators, our strong points are direct contact with clients and a personalised service. Our key to success comes from a team of people who are continually improving themselves and with excellence in the sector as their goal. We are also realists: we don’t translate into every single language and we aren’t experts in everything. We are, however, very good at what we do.

Trandalus is a serious team, with years of experience, a dynamic approach and a global vision formed by passionate translation professionals who love their work and tackle each project as an individual challenge. We understand our clients’ needs and try to exceed their expectations every time.

Focal point

Sergio Altuna
Sergio Altuna
Founder and project manager

At barely 30 years of age, Sergio is a translation and interpreting graduate with a Master’s degree in Language, Culture and Arab Civilisation and another Master´s degree in International Terrorism Studies. Sergio is also a sworn translator and interpreter, specialising in translations of legal and financial, marketing and intercultural mediation texts.

His career to date has been a busy and rich experience. Having lived for two years in English-speaking countries, one year in Germany, three years in Greece and four years in Tunisia, he has acquired a broad combination of languages: English, French, Arabic, Greek and Spanish.

As well as heading up the Trandalus team, Sergio also teaches specialist tourism translation from Arabic and French to Spanish, and lectures in Applied Rhetoric at the University of Jendouba. Previously, as well as translating, Sergio also lectured in Translation from Greek to Spanish at the Ionian University in Corfu and was in charge of creating a Spanish-language library at the Honorary Consulate of Spain in Greece.

He has more than five years of experience as a project manager and co-ordinator of translators and interpreters. He is both the founder and the representative of Trandalus.

Why is Trandalus the translation service you need?


  • Working closely with clients
  • Multiple forms of contact
  • Passionate about our work
  • Confidentiality and the utmost respect


  • Direct contact in your mother tongue
  • Adapted to your needs
  • Speed of response


  • Experienced translators
  • Complete dedication
  • Quality control processes
  • International experience

Who do we work with?

Trandalus works with businesses, associations, international organisations, freelancers, translation agencies and public institutions. Our structure means we can adapt to clients’ needs, from small businesses and freelancers to large multinationals and international organisations.