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How do we work?

You can contact us obligation-free to request infor mation about the services we provide
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Communication today is as important as ever. At Trandalus we look after our clients and pay particular attention to good communication during all stages of the translation process. We know that working online has its drawbacks, but we do everything we can to make our clients feel at home. Each project is unique and a new challenge. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you need; we’re here to listen and clarify any doubts you might have.

“We’re all ears”

You can communicate with us in your own language: our project manager speaks perfect Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Greek.

The first thing we do is assess the difficulty of the text before contacting you to discuss how to proceed. We set out the steps to be taken to ensure your texts achieve their intended purpose.

We also explain the resources to be used during the translation process, set a firm delivery date and agree on the right format for submitting the finished documents. We then send you a quotation detailing all the information you have provided.

“We’re realists; if we can’t do it, we won’t take it on”

Translation is of course the most important part of Trandalus, which is why we treat it so carefully. When a translation agency claims having specialists in all kinds of translations, it usually means they don’t specialise in anything at all. At Trandalus we only work in fields of expertise that we know first-hand, and we have no compunction in turning down a project if we feel we cannot take it on. Our translators only translate into their mother tongue, and all of them are involved in ongoing training.

We also have expertise in CAT tools and in creating glossaries and terminology bases so that your first translation is not just a matter of meeting your expectations, but rather forms the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

If needed, we provide a range of editing services by which we can apply our knowledge to your texts. If the text is going to be published, either digitally or in hard copy, it may be worth giving it a more professional and modern touch, or it may be that you aren’t comfortable working with word processors and would prefer us to do it for you.

We can restructure the document using a more logical approach, create new paragraphs that are more in keeping with the intended style, modify the contents of each chapter, and so on, while remaining completely faithful to the original and always ensuring the text is right for its target audience.

“We use all our tools and our know-how to ensure you achieve your goals”

A reviewer who is external to the translation process compares the original with the translation to ensure the original has been respected and that there are no mistakes in the final version of the text. The reviewer also makes any appropriate corrections to the syntax and style of the definitive text to ensure a perfect result.

“Four eyes see better than two”

The text is then sent back to the project manager, who applies a rigorous quality control process to ensure everything is as it should be and is ready to be sent to the client.
Once the translation and revision processes have finished, we send you the text as agreed initially.
We are always keen to improve, and your suggestions or recommendations are always welcome. And if you need us to make any changes to the final document, just let us know: we’re here to help!

Our recipe for success

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Passion for what we do
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Management and co-ordination


Trandalus complies with European quality standard UNE EN-15038:2006, which means:

  • The translation must be carried out by a competent translator, who upon completion should then perform an initial revision of the text.
  • A reviewer who is external to the translation process must then check the translation to ensure it meets the intended purpose of the original text and is appropriate in terms of the required phrasing, punctuation and style of the target language.

Trandalus also certifies that the professionals involved in the translation and revision process have:

  • A recognised higher-education qualification in translation, or its equivalent.
  • At least five years of documented experience working in translation/revision.