Correction and revision

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Correction and revision of texts

We believe that the power of words can change the world, but we also know that a word out of place can lead to trouble.

Professional correction involves detecting the various errors that a text might contain, such as spelling mistakes, typos or errors of style or content, and correcting them to ensure the text is free of mistakes and achieves its intended purpose. There are different levels of correction:

  • Proofreading
    This consists of detecting and correcting serious errors such as spelling mistakes, poor grammar and errors of syntax, as well as less visible mistakes such as double spaces, poorly used punctuation, layout and use of sections and sub-sections, etc.
  • Style corrections
    Here the text is analysed with a view to improving structure, cohesion, expression and phrasing to ensure it is best suited to its intended purpose and readership.
  • Content correction
    This involves a specialist in a particular field (marketing, e-commerce, medicine, etc.) reviewing the text to ensure there are no conceptual errors.

“Careful writing and fine wording enamour anyone; don’t let your work and ideas get lost on the way”

How do we do it?

  • We first discuss the objectives, target audience and specific nature of the text with you directly to ensure we understand your needs.
  • We appraise the condition of the text and send you an in-depth analysis detailing the aspects the reviewer feels should be modified.
  • You always have the last word and can decide whether or not to opt for the corrections as proposed by the reviewer, or whether you would like to modify certain parameters.
  • The reviewer carries out the task as stipulated by the client.
  • Once the process has been completed, you receive your work as agreed, on time and in the right format.

    “Translation process never felt that easy!”