Language consultancy

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Language consultancy

The communication needs of the information society and the demands of the modern world and a globalised economy have led to two new easily identifiable phenomena: the problems resulting from the use of more than one language in both the private sector and public administration, and how language adapts to meet new market needs.

As a young and dynamic company, our aim is to position ourselves as trusted allies of our clients and help them face the most demanding challenges in their fields. We invite you to contact us personally to discuss your needs so we can offer the right solution.

Examples of our services

Product internationalisation

Rely on us to help your product launch into new markets.

Outsourcing services

Are you thinking about expanding your business with offices abroad? Are you unsure about the difficulties you might face? Let’s face that challenge together!

Human resources support

We perform staff selections, we can help you prepare level exams for your staff and create language training manuals for your employees, among other services.