At Trandalus we place all our knowledge, experience, training and know-how at your service, with a complete package of quality language solutions.

We help your words cross borders

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Your message, our pen: a perfect result

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Simultaneous, consecutive and escort interpreting services

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Personalised service to meet all your needs

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Training courses geared toward professionals

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But in a market that is already so heavily professionalised and with so many options to choose from, what sets us apart from all the rest?

Transparency and accessibility

This is your home, from your very first contact with us and for as long as you wish. At Trandalus we take care of our clients; they are our greatest asset and our finest ambassadors. We are at your disposal to advise on your needs and clear up any doubts that may arise.

By phone

You can contact us from Monday to Friday (8am-6pm GMT).

+216 54 123823
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We will reply straight away.

Provide as much detail as you like. We are here to solve any doubts you might have.

Proximity through technology.

We know when to say no, but can still advise you

At Trandalus, we only accept assignments that we can carry out with a 100 per cent guarantee of success. If we don’t have the internal capacity to carry out an assignment to perfection, we will recommend a better solution; it’s that simple. At Trandalus we think that knowing when to say no is a quality that counts.

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International experience

We have worked all over the world; our results and the loyalty of our clients speak volumes.